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What's the Life of a Dragon Really Like?

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The Modern Dragon Chronicles

The astonishing trilogy that chronicles the dreams, desires, and destinies of a boy and his dragon…

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

A boy with a supernatural stutter. A family with a secret. A world in which magic lies on the tip of one’s tongue and demons promise glorious futures. What happens when everything you thought you knew gets turned upside down? You soon realize that it’s best to let sleeping dragons lie.

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It’s a Dragon-Eat-Dragon World

Dragon infiltration, internet dating, a war that has been going on for millennia…and Steve thought middle school was tough. When magical gifts are given, Steve and his friends will soon learn that everything has a price, and that it is most definitely a dragon-eat-dragon world.

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You Can’t Teach an Old Dragon New Tricks

(February 2018)

Trying to figure out what to do after high school has Steve questioning his place in the world, not to mention the fact that he seems to have caught a major case of senioritis…as if Steve doesn’t have enough to deal with being a magic-stealing dragon magnet. And yet, while Steve and his friends struggle with impending adulthood, the dragons are engaged in a battle that may mean the end for humanity…but even they are about to learn that you can’t teach an old dragon new tricks.

Roland Wasape Mysteries

A collection of engaging tales featuring Roland Wasape, a young man with extraordinary problems…

(March 2018)

Behind the Curtain: A Roland Wasape Mystery

Author Biography

© Copyright Amaphotographs 2017 Ty Burson is the author of the Modern Dragon Chronicles, which include Let Sleeping Dragons Lie, It’s a Dragon-Eat-Dragon World, and You Can’t Teach an Old Dragon New Tricks. Ty is a middle school teacher with a Doctorate in Education who lives in Maryland with his wife and mostly grown-up children. As a world traveler, retired member of the United States Air Force, and California native, Ty has spent much of his life experiencing the wonders of the world, and it is this sense of wonder that he hopes to share with his readers.


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